Top 10 Best Rated PC Headsets for Games – Gaming Reviews 2012

The right components can give you blazing speed, a perfect frame rate, and an incredible picture but if you are using integrated speakers or even cheap ones, then your gaming experience just isn’t as good as it could be.  The right headset can allow you to work better with your team and give you a much more immersive gaming feel.

What poor sound fails to recognize is surround sound.  If you play a first person shooter this becomes especially important so that you know where bullets and explosions are coming from as well as the trickling footsteps of someone that’s going to shoot you (or heaven forbid knife you) in the back.

To put you on the same playing field as other gamers out there we’ve created a list of the top 10 best rated gaming headphones for 2012.

Top 10 Best Rated Headsets 2012

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Overall we like the Logitech G930 as our pick for top rated headset of 2012.  We’ve tried it out so be sure to check out our blog entry.  It offers you incredible 7.1 sounds that will knock your socks off.  If you have to multi-task while you game it’s easy to take the G930 headset into your living room, kitchen, or even upstairs while still plotting with your friends online.  It’s also fun to modify your voice to one of several options that Logitech has given you.