Fan Grills and Filters for your PC 2012

Having a gaming PC sometimes goes beyond the “my PC is faster than yours” comparison that many gamers live by.  When you are constantly gaming with friends or going to LAN tournaments and parties you need some style.  In this article we’ll compare some of the coolest fan grills that you’ll find.  Although we won’t list a link directly to each item you can easily find them on Amazon and other gaming hardware sites.

Fan Grills

1.) Skull Steel 80mm Case Fan Grill

Gaming is not always just about speed, performance, and skill… sometimes its about intimidation and you can use this steel fan grill to do just that. Includes 4 screws and weighs .8 ounces.

2.) SilverStone 120mm Fan Filter with Grill FF121B

This Honeycomb grille increases your airflow and allows you to prevent unavoidable dust accumulation.  It’s compatible with all 120mm fan and includes the 4 screws that are necessary for installation.

3.) Dragon Steel 80mm Case Fan Grill

This chrome design features a dragon with wings stretched and its mouth open ready to pounce upon its enemies.

4. Atomic Energy Steel 80mm Case Fan Grill

This atomic energy steel fan grill is laser cut and then stamped into the design for a clean and sleek look.

5. Revoltec Laser Cut Fan Grill Biohazard – Fan grill

6. Spidey Steel 80mm Case Fan Grill

If there were more Spiderman based games, then this woud be further up the list for sure.

7. Fire Steel 80mm Case Fan Grill

This is great for a fire-based wizard or someone that just enjoys a good burn.

8. Skull with Wings

9. Single Tribal Flame 1 Fan Grill Silver

10. Chain Single Fan Grill