Best Z77 Chipset 1155 PC Gaming Motherboards 2012 – 2013

If you’re looking to upgrade your new computer with an Ivy Bridge processor, then you’ll need to upgrade to one of Intel’s newest chipsets; Z77, Z75, or H77. While there is one exception to this, the Gen3 Z68 models, you’re still better off going with one of the newer chipsets in order to take advantage […]

Best Wireless N Routers

Professional gamers know that any hardware advantage that you can get makes a huge difference while gaming. Knowing this, we all go out and spend thousands of dollars on the best PC hardware available to make sure that our rig is just as fast as our friends and competitor’s system. One piece of the puzzle […]

Best Radeon Graphics Cards for Gaming 2011 – 2012

This post is dedicated to the best rated and top selling Radeon graphics cards of 2011 – 2012.  nVidia GeForce fans look away for a moment, we’ll be reviewing the best nVidia cards in the next few days. Order is based upon sales, customer reviews, ratings, and value for each price point rather than which […]

Best New Z68 1155 Motherboard 2011 – 2012

Why Choose a Z68 Motherboard? If you’re like us, then you’ve been eyeballing those P67 and H67 motherboards for that build with the i7-2600k, i-2500k, or any of Intel’s new top rated 2nd G Intel Core Processors. Just recently Intel released an additional chipset, the new Z68 which brings together the best of everything from […]

Best Hard Drives 2011 – 2012

There have been many significant upgrades to computer hardware technology but one that is often overlook is the increased speed you can now get buy purchasing a Sata 3 or Sata 6Gb/s hard drive.  It took some time after the full 3.0 standard release May 27, 2009, but HDD are now very affordable and most new […]

AM3+ Ready Motherboards – Bulldozer Release

Wait a Minute AMD… Despite what you may have read many AM3 motherboards will indeed be compatible with AMD’s new Bulldozer CPU.  AMD’s Bulldozer is set to release in late quarter 2 of 2011 (or early Quarter 3). This information we have received is confirmed bythe  ASUS AM3+ Ready website which gives a list of […]

Best Graphics Cards 2012 – Comparison, Rating, Reviews

The heart and soul of any good gaming rig lies with its graphics card which can give any gamer not only an aesthetic advantage, but also an in-game advantage due to proper performance.  Conversely a poor video card/GPU can cause any gamer to under perform through lagging, ghosting, and freezing.  The graphics card product line is […]

Best 1155 Motherboards – P67 i3, i5, i7 Combos

In early January of 2011 Intel released its new Sandy Bridge series or 2nd generation of “i” series processors.  These CPU boasted the new 32nm lithography that both performance enthusiasts and gaming fans alike had been waiting for.  New motherboards with 1155 pins were made to accommodate Intel’s new technology. In order to use the new Sandy […]

Top 10 Best Selling Computer Power Supplies 2011 – 2012

This post is accurate as of the first quarter of 2011 – 2012.  Picks have been taken from multiple manufacturer retail websites and modified based on customer reviews.  Our quarter 2 PSU picks are in – we’ve removed some models to eliminate redundancy.  Check out the PSU / Power Supplies tab above. Also see our […]

Best SSD 2011 – 2012 Solid State Drive Reviews

SSD vs. HDD If you’re looking for faster access to your files and a much faster startup, then it might just be time to upgrade to a solid state drive. Solid state drives work much more quickly than hard drives because they are based off of NAND flash memory that you find in your flash […]

Best New Gaming Motherboards 2011 – 2012

In best gaming motherboards of 2011, we’ll feature our 4 top high-end gaming motherboards for socket 1155, 1156, 1366, and AM3 motherboards.  We’ve reviewed additional motherboards from every price range in each of these categories in our “gaming motherboards” section above.  See below for a more in-depth review of the top performance motherboards. 1155 Motherboards […]

Best AM3 Motherboards 2011 – 2012

For those who don’t know AM3 motherboards are used with AMD’s Phenom II series of processors/CPU.  AMD has recently mentioned that it had plans to release its new Bulldozer motherboard sometime in Late June of 2011 per  *Update 6/19/2011 – This looks like it may be somewhat delayed so we are waiting to hear […]

Best CPU 2011 – 2012 Processor Reviews

One of the first things you’ll do while building your computer is to pick out your CPU or processor.  Knowing what socket type you have will then help you to pick our your motherboard.  This year is a great year for processors because Intel released its Sandy Bridge or 2nd Generation of “i” series processors […]