Best Gaming Graphics Card/Video Cards 2011 – 2012

If you are serious about in-game performance or taking your gaming to the next level, then you need to have the right video card.  A fast PC without a proper video card fails vs. a decent CPU machine with a great video card. While casual gamers might be able to use an inexpensive  graphics card, […]

Best Graphics Cards 2012 – Comparison, Rating, Reviews

The heart and soul of any good gaming rig lies with its graphics card which can give any gamer not only an aesthetic advantage, but also an in-game advantage due to proper performance.  Conversely a poor video card/GPU can cause any gamer to under perform through lagging, ghosting, and freezing.  The graphics card product line is […]

Best GPU 2011 – 2012

What’s the Best GPU for Gaming? Those who tirelessly game day in and day out know that the single most important piece of hardware for their computer is their GPU or Graphics Processing Unit.  Without a decent GPU your computer will either have a low FPS (Frame Rate) or not be able to run your […]