AM3+ Ready Motherboards – Bulldozer Release

Wait a Minute AMD… Despite what you may have read many AM3 motherboards will indeed be compatible with AMD’s new Bulldozer CPU.  AMD’s Bulldozer is set to release in late quarter 2 of 2011 (or early Quarter 3). This information we have received is confirmed bythe  ASUS AM3+ Ready website which gives a list of […]

Best AM3 Motherboards 2011 – 2012

For those who don’t know AM3 motherboards are used with AMD’s Phenom II series of processors/CPU.  AMD has recently mentioned that it had plans to release its new Bulldozer motherboard sometime in Late June of 2011 per  *Update 6/19/2011 – This looks like it may be somewhat delayed so we are waiting to hear […]