Modular Power Supplies

Looking for the right power supply for your PC? If you are into gaming or care about keeping your case cool, then consider a modular power supply. A modular power supply has detachable cables which allow you to efficiently manage your PC casing space by leaving unwanted cables out. In general, the cleaner looking your case the easier that air can flow throughout it. An efficient flow of air will lead to lower core temperatures for all of your computer’s components. Another advantage to modular power supplies is that they don’t leave cables dangling near your expensive components. This decreases the chance of you damaging your components and gives you more space to work with overall. Here’s a look at some of the best rated modular power supplies for 2011.

Modular Power Supplies – Best Rated PSU for 2011 PC Gaming

*This comparison chart and table shows our picks for the top rated modular power supplies. Technical details are based on featured power supplies but should vary little beyond size when compared with other model numbers for a series. Alternate sizes for series are listed in the first column as well as additional series from similar manufacturers to look at.

Brand/ Series/ Model Number/ Additional SizesPriceFeatures/ Manufacturer's Details/ Warranty
Corsair Enthusiast TX V2 Series 750-Watt 80 Plus Bronze Certified High Performance Modular Power Supply CP-9020003-NA
The TX has the perfect design for performance enthusiasts looking for a highly efficient power supply. 750W max power, ATX12V and EPS12V compatible, dedicated 60A, single +12V rail, and 80 plus bronze certified.
OCZ ModXStream Pro 500W/ Available in 500-700W sizes
Winner of Hardware Secret's Gold Award, 20+4Pin main connector, SLI and Crossfire Certified, up to 86% efficiency (80-PLUS certified), MTBF 100k hours, quiet with OCZ's power whisper technology, a 3 year parts and labor warranty is included with your purchase.
Cooler Master Silent Pro Gold (SPG)/ 800, 1000, and 1200 watts. Featured is the 1000 watt size. Also See the Cooler Master Silent Pro M Series available in 600-1000 watt sizes.
135mm Ultra Silent Fan, Connectors include; 20+4Pin Main, 4 x 6-Pin, 4 x 6+2-Pin PCI-E Connector, 9 Sata Power Conncetor, 1 x Floppy ,4 x Peripheral, and 2 x 4+4-Pin ATX/EPS 12V. Model is 80 Plus GOLD certified with 90% typical efficiency. SLI/Crossfire Ready. A 5 year parts and labor warranty is included with your purchase.
Corsair HX Professional Series/ 520W to 1020W/ Featured model is the CMPSU-750HX
Custom PC voted Corsair the best PSU manufacturer for 2010. They also sell the bestselling PSU TX series. If you are looking for a modular Corsair PSU go with the HX professional series. Specifications for our featured PSU include 20+4Pin main connector, Single + 12 V rails, SLI and Crossfire read, 80 Plus Silver Certified (up to 90% efficiency), 1 x 8-Pin EPS 12V, 8 x Peripheral, 12 x SATA, 2 x Floppy, and 4 x PCI-E. A 7 year manufacturer's warranty is included with this product.
Antec BP550 Plus 550W ATX12V V2.2 Modular Power Supply - Also see Antec Truepower series which has 550 watt to 122 watt PSU sizes available.
A great overall value with a 3 year parts and labor warranty. PSU is cooled by a single 120mm low noise cooling fan. Connectors include 20+4Pin main, 1 x 12V(P4), 1 x 12V(8Pin), 6 x peripheral, 6 x SATA, 1 x Floppy, and 2 x PCI-E. 80 PLUS certified with up to 85% efficiency.
Thermaltake TR2 TRX Series - Featured is the 1200W size. Available in 430-1200W
Featured model has a single 140mm cooling fan which helps to keep it running efficiently. It's 80 plus certified with 80% typical efficiency, and comes with a 5 year parts and labor warranty. Connectors include six PCI-E, 24Pin main, 2 +12V rails, and 8 SATA power connectors.
KingWin Mach 1 ATX 1220 1220-Watt Power Supply with Modular Cable Management System, ABT-1220MA1S. Also available for 1000 watt size.
Besides just looking awesome, this PSU is a HardOCP silver award winner. The fan is a 1 x 140mm blue LED fan. Connectors include 20+4Pin main, 6 +12 V rails, 2 x 6-Pin, 2 x 6+2-Pin PCI-E, 8 SATA power, 8 x peripheral, and 1 x Floppy. 80 PLUS bronze certified with up to 85% efficiency. A 3 year parts and labor warranty comes with the purchase.
SilverStone Strider Plus ST50F-P
Single 120mm fan - Connectors include 1 x Main connector (20+4Pin), 1 x 4+4-Pin ATX/EPS 12V, 2 x PCI-E, 6 x SATA, 3 x Peripheral, and a single floppy. 80 PLUS Bronze Certified with a 1 year parts and labor warranty included.
Seasonic 560W 80 Plus Gold ATX 12V/EPS 12V Power Supply - X-560 SS-560KM
Features a Sanyo Denki San Ace Silent Fan. Highly efficient 80 PLUS Gold Certified. Connectors for this PSU include 1 x Main connector (20+4Pin), 1 x 4+4 Pin EPS 12V, 5 x Peripheral, 8 x SATA, 2 x Floppy, and 2 x PCI-E. The manufacturer's warranty is 5 years.
OCZ ZX Series 1000W Fully-Modular 80PLUS Gold High Performance Power Supply compatible with Intel Sandy Bridge Core i3 i5 i7 and AMD Phenom
With 92% efficiency this modular power supply is 80 plus gold certified and it's backed by OCZ's 5 year parts and labor warranty.

In summary we really feel like the OCZ ModXStream Pro series will give you the best value if you only need up to 700 watts. There are several rebates available right now through Amazon that can make it even cheaper. For higher-end performance or gaming PC builds we like the¬†Corsair HX Professional Series and the¬†Cooler Master Silent Pro series (both “Gold” and “M”).

We hope you’ve found this review of the best modular power supplies for 2011 helpful. If you come across another series or model number that you feel we should include in our chart or if you simply have a question, then please feel free to use the feedback/comment section below. We generally respond within 24 hours.

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