Best Laptop/Notebook Coolers – Cooling Pads 2011 – 2012

When running a PC or a laptop it’s important to consider the temperature of your internal components as excessive heat can increase the speed at which your components degrade over time and reduce your laptop or notebooks overall performance.

We’ve already written about the importance of CPU coolers for your PC and if you’re going to consider a gaming laptop, then the need for a laptop cooler or pad becomes even more crucial. Running performance intense games for long hours on end with high-end and power hungry components certainly will increase the heat within your laptop and therefore effect your laptops longevity and performance. Additional effects from laptop heat go beyond your laptops performance as it can also affect your body negatively by not only being uncomfortable, but also affecting fertility for both men and women.

Top 10 Best Laptop and Notebook Cooling pads

1. Cooler Master Notepal X2 Notebook Cooler R9-NBC-4WAK-GP Review

The Notepal X2 is one of the better notebook coolers because it it already ergonomic in design and has a open mesh feel to it that allows the 140mm fan to even cool your notebook.  There’s a control for the fan so that you can adjust it up and down and it has 2 USB ports – 1 which you will use to plug in the Notepal and another you can use for whatever you want. Although its ergonomic you can also adjust the height settings just in case you want it to go even higher. The Notepal X2 also comes with a blue LED light that is turned on when your Notebook or laptop is powered up.

Overall: The Notepal X2 is efficient, inexpensive, and can accommodate larger (up to 17 inch) laptops and notebooks.

2. Cooler Master Notepal U1 / U2/ U3 Notebook Cooler with 1-3 80mm Fans R9-NBC-8PBK-GP

Another great Cooler Master cooling pad is the Notepal U1 (for 14 inches), U2 (for up to 17 inches), and U3 (for up to 19 inches). Like The Notepal X2 its ergonomically designed for maximum comfort.  It also comes with 1-3 80mm fans (number based on size) which are removable based on what your overall needs are. Another cool option comes because Cooler master made this notebook cooler entirely out of open mesh so you can also insert the fans into the mesh wherever they are needed the most. The fan speed is also adjustable and because of the USB extender you don’t lose a USB simply because you’re using a laptop cooler.

Overall: This is a great buy and especially useful for gaming with the rubber mat in the front that prevents vibration on any surface you put it on.  Another handy tool is a simple strap that allows you to keep your laptop in its place.

3. Targus Lap Chill Mat AWE55US Review

The Targus Lap Chill Mat has a super clever design that is both lightweight and has a soft neoprene exterior that gives additional comfort for long hours while on your lap.  The dual fans help disperse the heat from your laptop and increase the overall longevity of it.

Here’s what one owner of the Lap Chill Mat had to say:

“I have a 17″ macbook pro, so it’s a behemoth of a laptop. And Apple’s all aluminum enclosure sure looks slick, but man does it conduct the heat. You really don’t want the thing on your lap w/o a stand, because it gets really red hot.

This is the 45h cooling stand I’ve had for this machine, and already by far the best. The previous two had three important issues – first was that they were small – designed for 15″ notebooks, so there was a lot of overhang on mine. Annoying, but not the end of the world. More important was the fact that the power cable plugged into the edge of the stand and could be detached. Since I use my laptop on my lap, that connection tended to get bumped around a lot, and eventually the connection became so loose that the fan would only work intermittently and required fiddling to get going. That’s why I replaced both of those – loose connection, no fan, no cooling.

This stand is a huge improvement.

First of all, the power cord is molded onto the stand, so I can’t jar it loose like I could on the other stands. Plus, it’s halfway up the back of the stand, so it’ll be much harder to bump around anyway. So I shouldn’t have the same issue I’d had in the past.

Second, it’s huge. It fits my 17″ laptop perfectly. No overhang.”

Overall: If you have a 17 inch laptop then this is the perfect stand for you.  If your laptop is 15 inches or smaller we recommend you go with another model.

4. Logitech Cooling Pad N100

The curve design of the N100 increases airflow from the  USB-powered whisper quiet fan and its built for maximum efficiency so it doesn’t drain your laptop or notebooks power. Fits any PC and Mac notebooks with up to 15.6-inch displays.

5. Antec USB-Powered Notebook Cooler

We recommend a lot of Antec computer components, fans, and peripherals and like their other computer pats the Antec USB-Powered notebook cooler has a simple but smart design to it. The aluminum top is efficient for heat dissipation and the 2 70mm fans are quiet and keep your laptop cool.

Overall: We like the Antec USB-Powered Notebook Cooler and if you have a notebook under 15 inches this notebook cooler should be near the top of your list.

6. Logitech Speaker Lapdesk N700

7. Xpad Slim (Non-slip Laptop Cooler and Heatshield)

8. Belkin F5L028 Laptop Cooling Lounge

9. Cooler Master NotePal Ergostand Notebook Cooler R9-NBS-4UAK

10. Cool Lift – by Handstands


We hope you’ve enjoyed this review of the best laptop/notebook coolers for 2011.  If you find another cooler that you feel we should mention, then be sure to leave a comment below.  Also make sure to check out our top ten lists at the top of the page for our recommendations for all the best computer components to use in your PC build.

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