Best Asus Gaming Laptops 2011 – 2012

When looking at combined overall value and quality, there are few gaming laptop manufacturers that can provide you with the specifications, for the money, that Asus can. While many manufacturers charge a premium for their “name”, Asus continues to provide the most affordable options for gamers everywhere. In this post, we’ll highlight our favorite new Asus […]

Best Laptop/Notebook Coolers – Cooling Pads 2011 – 2012

When running a PC or a laptop it’s important to consider the temperature of your internal components as excessive heat can increase the speed at which your components degrade over time and reduce your laptop or notebooks overall performance. We’ve already written about the importance of CPU coolers for your PC and if you’re going […]

Top Rated Laptop Computers 2011 – 2012

In this post we’ll review the top rated laptop computers for 2011 broken down into 3 different categories, best value or student laptops, best PC gaming laptops, and the best Mac Laptops. Top Rated Value/Student PC Laptops 2011 – 2012 When rating our top student laptops we wanted to make sure to not only find […]

Best New PC Gaming Laptops 2011 – 2012

See below for an in-depth review of these laptops but here is a quick product comparison of the best gaming laptops of 2011 – 2012: *This article has been updated to include picks for July 2011.  These gaming laptops (the first 3) are not included in our review section below the comparison table.  Also make […]