Best PC Gaming Corner Office Desks 2015

There certainly aren’t a ton of desks labeled exclusively for PC gaming, but as a gamer I think we’re all looking for just about the same thing. The best office desks for PC gaming are those which give you plenty of room for monitors, peripherals, your legs, gear, and even a secondary laptop or computer. […]

The 10 Best Ever Wii Games of All Time

Even though the Wii U has been out for a couple years, I still find a lot of the games from the original Wii appealing. My family continues to play these on the Wii U which is backwards compatible with the Wii. Games like these are classics that I always come back to. If you […]

Best Z77 Chipset 1155 PC Gaming Motherboards 2012 – 2013

If you’re looking to upgrade your new computer with an Ivy Bridge processor, then you’ll need to upgrade to one of Intel’s newest chipsets; Z77, Z75, or H77. While there is one exception to this, the Gen3 Z68 models, you’re still better off going with one of the newer chipsets in order to take advantage […]

Best 3D Gaming Monitor for 2012 – 2013

I wouldn’t recommend a 3D monitor for gaming in a professional tournament, at least not yet, but several 3D models released in late 2011 are making a splash on to the mainstream gamer scene, not only because of their outstanding visuals in 3D, but 2D as well. Here are my Top 5 3D Gaming Monitors […]

Best Asus Gaming Laptops 2011 – 2012

When looking at combined overall value and quality, there are few gaming laptop manufacturers that can provide you with the specifications, for the money, that Asus can. While many manufacturers charge a premium for their “name”, Asus continues to provide the most affordable options for gamers everywhere. In this post, we’ll highlight our favorite new Asus […]

Bestselling PC Video Games for 2011 – 2012

July 26, 2011 As we do with most of our articles this will be an active lists which means it’s updated from time to time. 2011 is a great year for PC gaming. Not only do gamers have tons of new hardware options with Intel’s Sandy Bridge, AMD’s Bulldozer, and the myriad of new GPUs […]

Best Laptop/Notebook Coolers – Cooling Pads 2011 – 2012

When running a PC or a laptop it’s important to consider the temperature of your internal components as excessive heat can increase the speed at which your components degrade over time and reduce your laptop or notebooks overall performance. We’ve already written about the importance of CPU coolers for your PC and if you’re going […]

Best Value Gaming Computer Build

It’s more than tempting to try and always keep up with the latest hardware releases that can make your rig bigger, faster, and stronger but with a few small tweaks you can save yourself quite a bit of money with your gaming PC build. In this article we’ll give you tips and a list of […]

What’s the Best Desktop Gaming Computer for 2011 – 2012?

The best desktop gaming computer is that one you were going to build yourself right? In fact many gamers do prefer to build their own gaming rigs; however, for those who have the money to buy a pre-built machine, want a warranty and not the hassle, or simply don’t have the knowledge to build their […]

Top Rated Laptop Computers 2011 – 2012

In this post we’ll review the top rated laptop computers for 2011 broken down into 3 different categories, best value or student laptops, best PC gaming laptops, and the best Mac Laptops. Top Rated Value/Student PC Laptops 2011 – 2012 When rating our top student laptops we wanted to make sure to not only find […]

Bioware Gives Out a Free Copy of Mass Effect 2

Great news for gamers on a budget everywhere.  If you purchase a copy of Dragon Age II, then Bioware is now giving out free copies of Mass Effect 2. Here is the link: This offer is only good until April 30, 2011 so make sure to get your Dragon Age II copy soon in order […]

Fan Grills and Filters for your PC 2012

Having a gaming PC sometimes goes beyond the “my PC is faster than yours” comparison that many gamers live by.  When you are constantly gaming with friends or going to LAN tournaments and parties you need some style.  In this article we’ll compare some of the coolest fan grills that you’ll find.  Although we won’t […]

How to Build a Budget Gaming Rig Under $500

When it comes to your gaming PC build you want performance of course, but many gamers simply don’t have a thousand bucks lying around.  So what should you do?  We recommend that you start with your CPU.  If you get a solid performing CPU for a decent price, then that should set the tone for […]

Top 10 Best Rated PC Headsets for Games – Gaming Reviews 2012

The right components can give you blazing speed, a perfect frame rate, and an incredible picture but if you are using integrated speakers or even cheap ones, then your gaming experience just isn’t as good as it could be.  The right headset can allow you to work better with your team and give you a […]

Best Gaming Graphics Card/Video Cards 2011 – 2012

If you are serious about in-game performance or taking your gaming to the next level, then you need to have the right video card.  A fast PC without a proper video card fails vs. a decent CPU machine with a great video card. While casual gamers might be able to use an inexpensive  graphics card, […]