Best Mechanical Keyboard 2012 – 2013

There are all types of gaming keyboards on the market in 2012. Some have LED screens, extended keypads, infinite macros, and just about anything you can imagine. That being said its some of the simpler looking mechanical keyboards that are the fastest and can give you a big advantage with the RTS, fighting, or FPS genres.

Just because they are simpler looking doesn’t mean you should think that they are simpler in design. Mechanical keyboards have a mechanical switch for each key. Rubber dome keyboards used in most office environments wear down over time and don’t register as quickly. So, if it’s speed you’re looking for, then you should definitely consider a mechanical keyboard.

Cherry Red Vs. Blue Vs. Brown Vs. Black

There are four main types of mechanical keyboards which differ based upon which Cherry switch you choose. Cherry, a company out of Germany, is virtually the only viable competitor in the mechanical keyboard space. Blue and red are better for typing while blue gives you a louder audible sound. While both of these switches are fast they aren’t quite as accurate as the black mechanical switch which is the best for games that require you to double tap a key. If you want a mix of the three, then I recommend the brown switch.

Which Mechanical Keyboard is the Best?

I’ve tried a lot of different mechanical keyboards and the real answer to this question is that its different for each person. I personally like the red switches which are loud enough for me to hear them audibly but also not loud enough to wake up the neighbor next door. Since I type a lot it also helps me when I work from home.

Perhaps the most popular mechanical keyboard is the Razer BlackWidow ultimate which has a Cherry Blue switch. Whether its the switch-type or the fact that the BlackWidow is one of the only mechanical keyboards on the market with programmable macro keys I don’t know. In 2012 we’re already seeing some new competitors to the BlackWidow including the Corsair K90 which is aimed heavily at MMORPG gamers.

For overall speed and raw simplicity the Das Keyboard and Ducky Shine II are also strong competitors. I prefer the Ducky Shine II and really like that Ducky allows you to choose whatever type of switch you want along with customized LED backlighting.

So what types of games do you play and what type of keyboard do you use? Leave a comment below.


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