AM3+ Ready Motherboards – Bulldozer Release

Wait a Minute AMD…

AM3+ Ready Motherboards are already available.

Despite what you may have read many AM3 motherboards will indeed be compatible with AMD’s new Bulldozer CPU.  AMD’s Bulldozer is set to release in late quarter 2 of 2011 (or early Quarter 3).

This information we have received is confirmed bythe  ASUS AM3+ Ready website which gives a list of various 8 series Am3 motherboards which will indeed be compatible with AM3+ technology following a bios update.

Similar information has been found on the Gigabyte Website which has now included an AM3+ ready sticker with certain 8 series AM3 motherboards.

Should You Upgrade Now?

If you’re looking to upgrade your PC now and can’t wait for Bulldozer’s release, then we suggest you take a look at the AMD 1090T CPU along with an AM3+ ready Motherboard.  At least this way you’ll be able to eventually switch to the Bulldozer and in the meantime enjoy 6 core performance.